Mission, Vision & Values


We devote ourselves to be the most reliable and enthusiastic recruitment partner. We identify, develop and recruit the world’s top talent for the Asia Pacific regions.


Our name Harbridge is a portmanteau of Harvard and Cambridge. It also means we regard ourselves as the “Bridge” between Clients and Candidates.

Our mission is to “Deliver Unparalleled Talent” to the clients. By fully understand our clients and candidates’ requirements and business goals, we can deliver a professional and personalized service to all our customers.

We aim to build the long-term relationship with our clients and candidates through mutual-trust communication. We pride ourselves that we can advise accurately and knowledgeably on the market trend and also present key strengths and core skills of individual candidate.


Harbridge is a values-driven business. We emphasize our core values as they are who we are, what we stand for and how we behave.

We stand by six core values:
  1. Delivering Unparalleled Specialist Knowledge
  2. Delivering Unparalleled Work Ethics & Results
  3. Delivering Unparalleled Mutual Partnership and Service
  4. Delivering Unparalleled Honesty, Integrity & Respect
  5. Delivering Unparalleled Business Astuteness & Solutions
  6. Delivering Unparalleled Fun and Return

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